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Stable Plastic Analyzer ZMD-2 Electrical Density Gauge Reliable Performance ISO 9001

Stable Plastic Analyzer ZMD-2 Electrical Density Gauge Reliable Performance ISO 9001

Stable Plastic Analyzer ZMD-2 Electrical Density Gauge Reliable Performance ISO 9001

Product Details:

Place of Origin: CHINA
Brand Name: JINHAIHU
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: ZMD-2

Payment & Shipping Terms:

Minimum Order Quantity: 1 set
Packaging Details: Carton
Supply Ability: 30 sets per month
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: Electronic Density Gauge/specific Gravity Meter Density Testing Range: 0 –200.000g /cm3
Density Repeat Accuracy: ± 0.001g /cm3 Density Resolution: 0.0001g /cm3
Weight Testing Range: 0 —200.000 G Weight Repeat Accuracy: ±0.0005g
Weight Resolution: 0.0001g

ZMD-2 Electronic density gauge/specific gravity meter


Summary of instrument

Electron density meter is composed of electromagnetic force balance principle of electronic balance, special control and analysis program.

Can measure all kinds of liquid density also can measure the density of the solid material, including density less than 1, floating on the surface of the solid material, such as foam, sponge, plastic and other solid.Use of the instrument is weighing function, still can replace 100 g / 0.1 mg of electronic balance.

Electron density instrument has high precision, high linearity, high stability, and the characteristics of the multi-functional, reasonable and simple structure, stable and reliable performance, convenient operation, easy maintenance.
Electron density meter is widely used in petrochemical, fine chemical, food, plastics, dairy products, paper making, pharmacy, metallurgy, construction and other industries as well as universities and colleges,research laboratories, etc.

Instrument fully comply with the following standards:
1. GB/T 611-2006 Chemical reagent density determination of general methods

2. GB/T 1463-2005 Fiber reinforced plastic density and relative density test method
3. GBT, 533-2008 The determination of the density of vulcanized rubber and thermoplastic rubber
4. GB1666-81 The determination of proportion of plasticizer (Webster's balance method)
5. GB1033-1986 (ASTM D792,ISO 1183)Plastic density and relative density of test method
6. JJG 171-2004 Liquid relative density scale verification regulation
And other related standards.

Instrument function characteristics

1, USES the advanced technology of electromagnetic force sensor, so as to ensure the data accuracy of

machine tests, repeatability is very good.
2, The machine used a machine to which can be more testing is a solid, a liquid, weight value and meet used

as one over ten thousand electronic balance.

3, With large glass sink, effectively reduce the hanging bar by liquid rising into error.
4, Machines built a variety of liquid density value, convenient and flexible user choose to use.
5, Solid block, granular, the density of thin layers, etc all can fast accurate test.Can test (density > 1or < 1)

6 There are so many choices, the density of the liquid test standard, can satisfy a certain viscosity liquid and

corrosion test requirements.
7, Clever design, can prevent damage of accidentally spilled liquid machine, and can provide more operating

activities space.
8, machine design simple and practical, and accurate data, the proportion of direct reading/density, only one

or two steps directly read data, can skilled operation without special training.

ZMD series - 2 type product parameters

Product specification



Testing range

0 –200.000g /cm3

0 —200.000 g

Repeat accuracy

± 0.001g /cm3



0.0001g /cm3


Calibration weight


Test mode

Solid density automatic calculation;Liquid density direct reading

Electrical source

220v / 0.8A 50HZ

Overall dimensions



Principle of the instrument:

Instrument based on the Archimedes principle of classic;About the mechanics of a basic principle in physics.Immersed in the liquid object by upward buoyancy effect, the size of buoyancy is equal to be the object displaces the liquid gravity.To test the liquid directly reading data;when testing solid,Instrument using pure water as the test medium (or selected according to the sample medium),First of all take a piece of the solid measures under its weight in the air(m).This instrument can record the data,then Slowly put it carefully into the water,The weight is shown on the display at this time(m).Then in the air of the solid weight divided by the weight in the air minus the weight in water multiplied by the liquid density (d),Value is the density of the solid(Calculation process by machine automatically).Formula:

                                                                                                Stable Plastic Analyzer ZMD-2 Electrical Density Gauge Reliable Performance ISO 9001

Stable Plastic Analyzer ZMD-2 Electrical Density Gauge Reliable Performance ISO 9001


 List of standard density meter


Mainframe 1 1cm3 standard component 1
Double-deck scale pan 1 Tweezers 1
Certification 1 Calibration weights 1
The power cord 1 Operating manual 1
Warranty card 1 Weigh scale pan 1


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