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Multi Functional Digital Hardness Tester For Plastic Ball Indentation Test

Multi Functional Digital Hardness Tester For Plastic Ball Indentation Test

Multi Functional Digital Hardness Tester For Plastic Ball Indentation Test

Product Details:

Place of Origin: China
Brand Name: JINHAIHU
Certification: ISO 9001
Model Number: QYH-96
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Detailed Product Description
Product Name: QYH-96 Multi-functional Plastic Ball Indentation Hardness Tester (rockwell) The Initial Load:: The Ball Indentation:9.8 N; Rockwell: 98.07 N
The Test Load: The Ball Indentation: 49 N, 132 N, 358 N, 612 N, 961 N Rockwell: 588.4 N, 980.7 N The Power Source And The Voltage: AC220V±5%, 50-60 Hz
The Pressure Head Diameter: The Ball Indentation: Ф 5 Mm, Ф 10 Mm Rockwell: Ф 3.175 Mm, 6.35 Mm, Ф Ф 12.7 Mm Sample Height: 4 Mm
Indentation Depth Indicator Minimum Degree Value: 0.001 Mm Accuracy: Value Plus Or Minus 1%

QYH-96 Multi-functional plastic ball indentation hardness tester (rockwell)


Meet the standard

GB-T 3398.1-2008-Plastic hardness tester, part 1: the ball indentation method

GB-T 3398.2-2008 Plastic hardness measurement part 2: rockwell hardness

GBT 23257-2009 Buried steel pipeline, PE anticorrosive coating

ISO 2039-1 Ball indentation method

Products overview:
Plastic ball indentation hardness tester is refers to with a diameter of 5 mm steel ball, under the effect of regulation test load, the vertical pressure into the surface of the sample and keep the ball indentation is calculated after 30 s area of average pressure tester.

Product features:
1. The instrument is the core control part through 7 inch touch screen to set parameters and control.
2. The deformation of the instrument to collect using micro displacement sensor of the domestic leading technology, minimum displacement acquisition precision for: 0.001 MM, eliminated using digital dial gauge collection low displacement precision, easy to bad and need to replace batteries and other defects

3. After setting up parameters, click experiment then automatic loading, after the experiment the automatic calculation results, the pressure head at the same time automatic reset to the initial position to the next experiment
4. The instrument with a micro printer, can be printed on the test results.
5. The instrument has three types of experiments: the ball indentation test, rockwell hardness and compression experiment.

Technical parameters:
1. The initial load:
The ball indentation: 9.8 N;Rockwell: 98.07 N
2. The test load:
The ball indentation: 49 n, 132 n, 358 n, 612 n, 961 n
Rockwell: 588.4 N, 980.7 N
3. The pressure head diameter:
The ball indentation: Ф 5 mm, Ф 10 mm
Rockwell: Ф 3.175 mm, 6.35 mm, Ф Ф 12.7 mm
4. Sample height: 4 mm
5. Indentation depth indicator minimum degree value: 0.001 mm
6. Timing range: can be set
7. The timing precision: plus or minus 1%
8. Accuracy: value plus or minus 1%
9. The host deformation: 0.04 mm or less

The main configuration and accessories:
Host 1
The host head ¢5 mm
Miniature printer: 1
Operation instruction 1

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